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Specializing in talks and workshops on sales, marketing, and customer service for trade associations, the service industries and professions, and other business groups. Shows professionals such as lawyers, salespeople, business owners, and others how to sell without being pushy, using customer-oriented marketing strategies and a consultative "soft sell."

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The Value of a Book for Professionals

A published book is one of the best credentials a consultant or other professional can have. However, since writing a book is a separate job of lower priority for most successful professionals, many books that could be written never are. That’s where we can help. By delegating the routine parts of writing your book to us, your key ideas can get out and you can have the benefits.
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Working With A Ghostwriter

The term ghostwriter means different things to different people. I’ve done different jobs for different situations. No matter what you call it, the point is to produce a useful product that serves the goals of the “author” whose name goes on it.
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Selling is Far More Than Persuasion

Selling is far more than face-to-face communication about what you’re selling. In fact, that’s the least part of it. In my book on sales, we break the process down into five general areas:

  1. building relationships
  2. analyzing needs
  3. knowing customers’ industries
  4. generating creative solutions, and
  5. helping your customers succeed
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Customer Service for Contractors

Let’s face it, contractors get taken advantage of by owners and others. They post bonds and still don’t get paid for work until it’s done. But try getting owners to routinely post bonds! Despite all that, customer service is the name of the game for successful repeat jobs, negotiated work, and CM work.

Of course, it’s not called customer service in the construction industry. It’s part of marketing, guarantees, owner relations, or whatever.
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A Marketing Focus For Contractors

Most companies seem to neglect their marketing. In smaller companies, principles generally like to build, not sell. Here are a few tips on getting more jobs.
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The biggest obstacle to promoting construction services to new customers is often your own resistance to the idea of selling. Yes, S-E-L-L is a four-letter word. But it’s not something you should be ashamed of. Few people want to grow up and be salespeople. The images of the used-car salesman or the retailing unloading inventory on customers are negative ones. Those are cases where salespeople have their best interests at heart, not yours.
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